Our Team

Our team

Dryad staff

Our staff apply their diverse backgrounds in scientific research, librarianship, non-profits, business administration, publishing, and computer science to support open data infrastructure and the preservation of knowledge.

Meredith Morovati
Meredith Morovati, BA American Studies; MBA
Executive Director
Meredith has been our Executive Director since 2014. Her experience in non-profit management and her ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders helps Dryad make data publication both mainstream and sustainable.
Erin Clary
Erin Clary, BS Biology; MLS
Senior Curator
Curation is an ever-evolving skill. We rely on Erin’s curating talent and superb attention to detail to train and guide our curators to new heights.
Debra Fagan
Debra Fagan, BS Computer Science; MLIS
Curation and Technical Specialist
Debra’s dual background in computer programming and library science allows her to contribute in multiple ways to Dryad. We appreciate her ability to quickly switch from one ‘side’ to the other.
Daisie Huang
Daisie Huang , BA Computer Science; BS Plant Genetics; PhD Botany
Software Developer
Daisie has both a love of science and a vicious programming talent – both of these make her a valuable asset to Dryad.
Elizabeth Hull
Elizabeth Hull, MA American History
Operations Manager
We rely on Elizabeth’s deep knowledge of the organization and her management skills to keeps things running smoothly and efficiently.
Ryan Scherle
Ryan Scherle, PhD Computer Science and Cognitive Science
Repository Architect
We value Ryan’s understanding of the world of research and his talent for system development and learning new technologies.
Shavon Stewart
Shavon Stewart, BA History; MLIS
Shavon is a librarian with a background in research support and data management who applies these skills to her superb curation work.

Rich Yaxley
Rich Yaxley, BS Aerospace Studies; PhD Cognitive Psychology
Rich not only brings strong research and curation skills to Dryad, but mean coding skills as well.

Other personnel

Principal Investigators

Project: National Science Foundation DBI-1612608 "Scalable and sustainable infrastructure for the publication of data"

  • Todd Vision, Department of Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hilary Davis, Interim Head of Collection Management and Director of Research Data Services, North Carolina State University

Board of Directors

  • For our current Board of Directors membership, see Governance

Other current contributors

  • @mire, DSpace development

For past contributors see Dryad Alumni.

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